We helped develop innovative partnerships to turbo charge customer experience

Tenpin is dedicated to ensuring people have the most amazing time every time they visit one of their bowling alleys. They have 44 venues across the UK, from Edinburgh to Plymouth. The brand is one of the most loved and most innovative leisure brands in the UK. Their newest initiative is the launch of “Hyperbowling” in their Star City, Birmingham site. This is bowling reinvented for the 21st century – futuristic, faster, more tech, more fun. The aim of the game is to bounce off the LED coloured bumpers to score extra points before hitting the pins. It’s bowling, but turbo-charged.

We are really excited to have worked with Tenpin to leverage our data and unique approach to develop and deliver an exciting new partnerships strategy – designed to delight every Tenpin customer and create outstanding new customer experiences. The first brand partnership has been very successful with Bella Italia and we look forward to developing many more.

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