What the British think of loyalty; how our unique data partnership with YouGov can help brands like yours get loyalty, rewards and partnerships right


We believe that taking a data-led approach to loyalty, rewards, and partnership is the only way to get it right. It is why we have partnered up with YouGov to create the largest ever study into what the British think of loyalty.

Do you know what your customers really think of loyalty programmes? The types of rewards that they actually want? The impact a programme can have on spending, emotional connection, loyalty, and recommendation. The partner brands you should be working with? We do. We also know it for your brand, your competitors, and your sector and at a population-wide level. Our research and methods can help you unlock the insights that matter, and then turn those insights into actions that will make a big difference.

Partnerships Agency 

77% of the British population are members of at least one programme. 59% think every brand should offer one. 47% will spend more with a brand if they are a member of its programme, 38% will recommend a brand more, 28% are more emotionally connected.

And 55% of members actively want partner rewards, not a brand’s own; a more engaging, more cost-effective way to engage and delight them. People are more 3 times more likely to want partner rewards than service rewards from your brand, 9 times more likely to want partner rewards over community engagement rewards.


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