So much has changed in 3 years since we founded Mando-Connect as part of Mando…

Since we sat together at kitchen tables, members’ clubs, borrowed desks and coffee shops with our hugely supportive CEO planning the type of agency we wanted to be. The brilliant team we wanted to create bringing new partnerships’ specialisms to Mando’s core capabilities, the supportive, hard-working and fun culture we wanted to build, the inspiring clients we wanted to work for, the innovative partners we wanted to develop relationships with, the cool and brand new data-led approach to partnerships that we wanted to create and the mutually beneficial and brilliant brand to brand partnerships we wanted to help develop.

It’s been a wild ride so far… full of intense hard work, crazy ideas, ambitions beyond our station and moments of true grit and resilience too. We are immensely proud of Mando-Connect and hugely grateful to everyone who has helped us make our dreams come true – those dreams we knew we had, and all the extra ones we’ve developed on the journey, as well as the ones we are making now. Thanks also to all those people too who have helped us when we’ve got stuck, or who have given us a lift when we’ve hit seemingly impossible to overcome barriers or who have chipped in and helped when we’ve needed extra specialisms we just don’t have.

We hope that Mando-Connect is a testament to the power of partnerships and collaboration in life, as well as in work. Thank-you everyone! We are really looking forward to growing, working hard, getting better and learning lots more as we go.


Please keep on supporting us as we grow on our journey and watch out – more big news to follow soon!