Our MD and Head of Strategy, Charlie Hills, was delighted to consult with Antavo and support them in the development of their new report “Pharmacy and Drugstore Programs: A comprehensive guide (2020)”.

We are passionate about this loyalty sector. Pharmacies are one of the biggest sectors for loyalty in the UK, and this remains unchanged since 2018. 35% of Brits are members of pharmacy loyalty programmes; with Boots Advantage Card by far the biggest. We wrote extensively about the sector in our 2020 White Paper: What the British want from loyalty programmes 2.0.


Antavo’s report states that the Best Loyalty Programme features for pharmacies and drugstores are:

  • A balanced ruleset. E.g. points to cash ratio.
  • Digital loyalty cards – allowing for online and offline connections to the customer.
  • Comprehensive membership page – make the main programme hub accessible and easy to navigate.


Antavo states that the most fitting loyalty programmes mechanics for Pharmacies and Drugstores are:

  • Earn & Burn loyalty programmes – collect points and then cash these in for various rewards.
  • Tiered loyalty programmes – members collect points and move up the ranks. Higher tiers receive better rewards thus incentivising customers to keep collecting.
  • Perks programmes – don’t use points at all, based on building community and a sense of gratitude among members.


Our own research with YouGov also found that points are the most appealing loyalty mechanic in the UK, 81% of Brits find them appealing. However, tiered programmes are less popular in the UK, with only 17% finding them appealing. Perks came somewhere in the middle (in our research we split these into “Rewards Always On” and “Milestones”). 45% and 40% of Brits respectively find these loyalty mechanics appealing.

As well as commenting on the loyalty mechanics, the report also overviews some great international Pharmacy & Drugstore Loyalty programmes. In the UK we know and love Boots Advantage Card which is, of course, covered in the report. But there were some great international case studies too; here are 2 of the non-UK programmes that we liked best:


Watsons is a health and beauty shop in Asia with thousands of stores across 13 countries. This programme is great as the loyalty programme isn’t country specific. Even if you are travelling in another of the 13 countries, you can still take advantage of its great benefits.

It runs multiple offer campaigns that provide double points for a limited time, or grant free products on certain purchases. Our favourite part bit is that members earn 5-10 more points during their birthday month, a nice personal recognition mechanic.


Rossmann is Germany’s second-largest pharmacy chain. The company offers a ‘Rewards Always On’ programme for its members, meaning no points to collect and all members obtain the discounts.

The app has an area where members-only coupons are found, along with an insider group for parents who have young children. The best bit about this app is that competitions are available regularly for members to enter for a chance to win a prize.

In summary, a great report that we were proud to contribute too.

For more information on pharmacy and drugstore loyalty programmes, you can visit Antavo here.