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We enable brands to work in seamless partnership with other brands to create motivating rewards, experiences and offers to drive long term loyalty and engagement for their customers.

Our recent joint YouGov study revealed 77% of Brits are subscribed to at least one loyalty programme – a figure that rises to 85% among women. Almost 6 in 10 Brits think that every brand should have offer a loyalty programme. Almost half of the British public (47%) spend more with a brand whose programme they are a member of, and over half (55%) say they prefer partner rewards over the brand’s own. Through our unique Partnership Engine™, brands can develop and secure better, more desirable rewards, experiences and offers for their customers from partners; with higher perceived value all at lower, or even zero, cost. Click here to be inspired by our case studies in partnerships for loyalty & engagement and find out more about the UK’s biggest loyalty study here.

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