The IPM Awards 2019!

The IPM Awards 2019!


British Gas and Mando-Connect receive silver and bronze at the IPM Awards.

We are extremely proud to announce that British Gas and Mando-Connect received a silver IPM award last night in the Automotive, Appliances & Utilities category and a bronze in the Incentive, Loyalty, Reward or Motivation Programme category for our work and achievements on the outstanding British Gas Rewards loyalty programme.

The IPM Awards are designed to recognise and reward highly effective, inspired and insightful campaigns in the promotional marketing industry.

Work that really worked. Ideas to be properly proud of. Campaigns that deserve to be celebrated.

Also a huge congratulations to Vodafone who won a gold for VeryMe in the Telecommunications, Mobile & Home Tech category. We were absolutely delighted to host you on our table!

A brilliant evening was had by all. A big thank you to the IPM for hosting such a fabulous event.

Two new starters for Mando-Connect!

Two new starters for Mando-Connect!


Mando-Connect are delighted to announce two new starters are joining the team. James Davies joined us on July 1st as a Senior Partnerships Manager. We also have Katy Yates joining as Project Manager on the July 10th. 


He has spent the last 5 years helping Simply Cook grow from less than a hundred users to over seventy thousand, through acquisition and retention brand partnerships. He’s passionate about creating innovative collaborations that deliver real value with measurable results.

James has previous experience of working with Mando-Connect on the partner side, helping to deliver a successful loyalty reward for TK Maxx and Homesense. He’s looking forward to joining the team and continuing to expand the Connect Partner Bank with both established companies and new challenger brands.

Outside of work James enjoys adventure travel and being outdoors. Recent holidays include: mountain climbing in the Swiss Alps; cycling from Land’s End to John O’Groats; and snowshoeing in the national parks of Finland. Closer to home, James’ favourite pastimes include cooking and cheering on the Welsh rugby team (despite lacking the appropriate accent).


Katy is our Project Manager, after working in the Media Industry for the past seven years she has worked with a broad range of Clients from BBC, ITV, Sky, ITN, CNN, the NFL, HSBC, Hitachi, Waitrose and Jaguar. She thoroughly enjoys variety, being super organised, keeping a project on track from start to finish – and in budget! She uses her communication skills and endless enthusiasm to get the job done.

When she’s not in the office, Katy enjoys meeting up with family, having a chat, drinking spiced rum in beer gardens & doing ‘Park Runs’ every Saturday. She is currently training for the Great North Run in Newcastle. Originally from the Lake District, Katy loves visiting for long weekends, and is partial to Kayaking on Lake Windermere – if it’s not raining!

Check out the rest of our team here.

The Loyalty Magazine Awards 2019!

The Loyalty Magazine Awards 2019!


We are extremely proud to announce that British Gas and Mando-Connect received a highly commended for best new loyalty programme at the Loyalty Magazine Awards.

The awards were formed by Loyalty Magazine to celebrate brilliance, origination and best practice in the loyalty industry across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

The Awards responded to a wish in the industry to celebrate and acknowledge the achievements of those excelling and conquering the unexpected. These prestigious awards are now in their 8th year.

Not only were British Gas highly commended but also Jo Ashdown was honoured as one of loyalty’s 30 under 40 alongside our clients Cathryn Lodwidge (British Gas), Bridgette Walker (Accor) and Michelle Williams (Vodafone).

A brilliant evening was had by all. A big thank you to Loyalty Magazine for hosting such a fabulous event.

Spotlight Interview – Emma Dallaway

Spotlight Interview – Emma Dallaway


This month our spotlight interview is on Emma Dallaway, our fantastic Account Director at Mando-Connect.  Emma joined the team last summer and has been responsible for leading partnerships strategy development and activation on clients such as NOW TV, Domino’s, Vodafone, British Gas, TK Maxx and Tenpin.

I spoke to her last week to find out a bit more about her.

Did you know from a young age that you wanted to work in business?

No, I had no clue what I wanted to do when I was older. At school, we had very limited career advisors. They wanted everyone to be lawyers and doctors, which wasn’t me. I wanted to keep my options as open as possible, so I could find the right thing for me. I took business studies as an A level and loved it, so decided to progress it to degree level. This turned out to be a great decision as I learned lots about the world of business and found the bits I really liked.

What made you want to do marketing and more specifically partnership marketing?

We had two marketing modules and those were the two modules that I enjoyed most, even the coursework! There was nothing on the syllabus about partnership marketing at all. It was by chance that I stumbled into it through my placement year. I worked at a small independent partnership agency and they did movie partnerships. I was on a small team and had to get stuck in. I loved it, figuring out which partners were right and then making those partnerships happen really excited me. I was hooked. My favourite thing about working in this area is developing a partnership that works for both brands – figuring out what they both want and then finding the common ground to make it work brilliantly for both.

Favourite partnership you’ve worked on?

There are too many to choose from… At the moment, I’m absolutely loving working on with our Domino’s clients. They are an amazing brand – no 1 in the UK for size, great tasting food and they are really ambitious too. The team are fantastic too – super smart, super ambitious and really fun to work with… plus, who doesn’t love pizza for lunch at meetings?!? I’m also really enjoying our current work with Tenpin – we are developing a strategy for them at the moment and I can’t wait to get stuck into partner sourcing. Again, a fantastic brand, and a great team. Feeling very lucky at the moment.

Dream next brand to work with?

I would love to work with ASOS, such an inspiring customer first brand and such a force for positive disruption in the industry I think it is also in a really interesting sector for partnerships, as there is so much you can do with fashion.

What makes a partnership for you?

Mutual benefit. It all boils down to every partner realising that if they work together for mutual benefit the results will be amazing. The sum of their efforts and abilities is greater than the parts.

What’s your go-to productivity trick and are you more productive in the morning or afternoon/evening?

I’m definitely a morning person, much more focussed. The trick that I’ve used for years and still do, is to do the thing that you are putting off the most, first. Just get it out the way and the rest of the day will flow.

What’s a mistake you made early on in your career, and what did you learn from it?

I’ve always found it difficult to ask for help and fell foul of that in my early years. Working in an agency sometimes you feel like you just have to be able to do everything, say yes to everything and just find some way of getting it done. I learnt that it’s not the best way of getting things done. It’s not a weakness to ask for help, it can be an opportunity to learn from people and get their point of view on how they would respond to a situation.

What’s the best advice you were ever given? Who was it from?

I often turn to my dad about work. One piece of advice he gave me that really stuck with me was “make sure you always give a damn”. Whatever it is, no matter how big or small it is make sure you care about it. If you care about things, people will remember you for it.

If you could snap your fingers and become an expert in something, what would it be?

I would love to be fluent in a language – Spanish. I took it to A level, but I haven’t kept it up since then and it’s all gone out of my head. I really regret that.

Who inspires you?

This is probably slightly more work related but I feel really lucky in my career to have worked in a lot of agencies that have really strong female leadership and female leadership teams. Mando and Mando-Connect are perfect examples of that. It’s inspiring from a work perspective but also a life perspective. It’s nice to see that women can have an amazing career but also have a family – you don’t have to choose. The balance is shifting and it’s nice to see.

Where is your favourite place in the world and why?

A little town in Spain called Javea. The old town is beautiful, and the front is lovely too. It’s probably a combination of being there quite a few times on holiday with my family and my boyfriend. And of course, it has the sun and the beach – drink in hand.

What was the last book you read/what are you reading right now?

The last book I read was “This is going to hurt” by Adam Kay. It was really funny, it’s his diaries from when he was a junior doctor. It’s funny and horrifying in equal measure. I’m reading a book at the moment called “Top dog” and it’s by a Swedish author, and it’s more a crime book. It’s really gripping, and I get lost in it.

What’s one of your favourite memories from last year?

I went to Iceland earlier this year and saw the northern lights. It was just incredible.

What’s one thing most people don’t know about you?

I once had a birthday cake made by Mary Berry. My boyfriend was working on The Great British Bake Off at the time and he went and got a shop bought cake for my birthday which he was going to decorate. Mary Berry saw this and said, “You can’t give her that” and she baked me a Victoria Sponge cake.

If you could only have three apps on your smartphone, which would you pick any why?

Whatsapp – because it is the only way I can communicate with all of my family at the same time. I would also have Pinterest, it’s such a good way to waste time on the train. It acts as inspiration. The final one would be ASOS, I love building a shopping basket that I don’t have the money to buy.

Festival of Marketing 2019

Festival of Marketing 2019


Absolutely delighted to announce that 2 of our clients Cathryn Lodwidge from British Gas and Michelle Williams from Vodafone have been confirmed to speak on a panel at the Festival of Marketing in October.

The Festival of Marketing is a unique two-day event where each year ambitious marketers discover, learn, celebrate and shape the future together.

It is the largest global event dedicated to brand marketers. The Festival has amazing headliners, 12 stages of content, insightful speakers and the Festival City brimming with ideas and solutions to your challenges.

We look forward to seeing Cathryn and Michelle speaking at the event alongside all the other fantastic speakers. 

Click here to discover more about this year’s Festival of Marketing.

Mando-Connect are 2!

Mando-Connect are 2!


We are excited at Mando-Connect be celebrating our 2nd birthday today! Thank-you so much to everyone who has supported, advised and helped us to make our first 2 years such a wonderful success.

Before we celebrate in style, we wanted to take a moment to take a step back and celebrate our favourite things from our 2 year rollercoaster so far.

So here we go….

1. It’s our brilliant team. Every single one of us is dedicated to making this business a success and it’s such a privilege to work with such a talented bunch who look out for and support each other so much – at work and at play. Thanks to our amazing CEO, Becky Munday, who has supported, challenged and helped us every step of the way. And to the brilliant Mando team who have welcomed, helped and supported us from day one.

2. And where we would be without our clients and partners, each and every one of whom shares our passion for great work that is right, good and founded on robust insight, mixed up with a healthy dose of creativity and innovation. We have absolutely smashed our founding targets of working with clients we love and we still have to pinch ourselves when we look at our portfolio and see brands like TK Maxx, Domino’s, Vodafone, British Gas, AccorHotels, Sky, ODEON, Coppafeel!, The Times, The Telegraph, NIO, Merlin and Tenpin on the list. Thank-you for having faith in us!

3. Next up it has to be the brilliant agencies and WPP teams who’ve helped us along the way. Thank-you to Ogilvy, Wunderman, Wavemaker, Mediacom, JWT, Geometry and the brilliant integrated WPP teams who’ve helped us add partnerships to their clients’ strategic agendas. Not to mention the brilliant Wise Marketer, Loyalty Magazine, The Drum and Marketing Week editors and journalists who’ve been such amazing supporters.

4. And to the Data… We founded Mando-Connect because we thought that data led partnerships were the right way to do it. Our incredible partnership with YouGov, which led to us publishing the biggest study into what the Brits think of loyalty last year, continues to grow and grow. We now have access to what over 300,000 people think and do, and it’s invaluable to our approach. When we then overlay the Mando ProNet data on what actually works, and our little black book of over 3,000 brands in our Connect Partner Bank we feel we’ve got an amazing and unique artillery of insight. Not to mention everything in the WPP universe too. We love our data!

5. Lastly it has to be all the hilarious, brilliant and crazy moments that we’ve experienced on this mad journey. The things that, until you found an agency, you never see coming… from naming ourselves in a pub over a pint with a mate (thanks!!), to interviewing people at 11pm in our pyjamas, to having to do an entire pitch from memory as the laptop died (and winning it), to playing Russian roulette with the temperature (boiling or freezing) and the Wi-Fi in our first “office”, to celebrating with warm white wine in plastic cups on trains, to nearly getting hit by idiots playing darts in the shared area at work… and more. So many great moments!

Here’s to being 2! Thanks again to everyone who’s made it such a success, and here’s to the next year and even more brilliant data-led partnerships.

British Gas Rewards shortlisted for the IPM Awards 2019

British Gas Rewards shortlisted for the IPM Awards 2019


We are thrilled to announce that British Gas Rewards has been shortlisted for the IPM Awards 2019. We entered the entire British Gas Rewards loyalty programme into the awards back in February; and after a lengthy judging process we are delighted to have been chosen to be on the shortlist.

British Gas Rewards was designed to say thank-you to all British Gas customers. The programme deepens relationships through personalised and exclusive rewards with giveaways that customers really want, alongside bright ideas to help them enjoy home life even more.

The Awards features 77 campaigns from 65 brands across 30 categories. The trophies will be announced and awarded at the gala presentation event on Thursday 4th July at the Hilton Park Lane.

Charlie Hills, Managing Director at Mando-Connect – “These awards are an opportunity to celebrate the best campaigns. I’m so proud of the wider team and all of the hard work that has gone into the campaign to make it an award contender.”

We look forward to seeing everyone else who has been shortlisted at the IPM Awards evening on 4th July. Full shortlist available here and to see our work with British Gas click here.

Jo Ashdown selected as one of the 30 under 40 in loyalty

Jo Ashdown selected as one of the 30 under 40 in loyalty


The Loyalty Magazine Awards were formed by Loyalty Magazine to celebrate brilliance, origination and best practice in the loyalty industry across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

The Awards responded to a wish in the loyalty industry to celebrate and acknowledge the achievements of those excelling and conquering the unexpected. As part of these awards, each year Loyalty Magazine chooses the best of the best in their prestigious 30 under 40 awards and honour them at the Loyalty Magazine Awards; this year is on June 18th.

We are extremely proud to announce that this year our own Jo Ashdown who is Head of our Partnerships department has been selected as one of the 30 under 40 in loyalty. The calibre of all of the winners is outstanding as ever this year and we are honoured that Jo has made it on to this list to be part of the Loyalty Royalty. We look forward to meeting all of the other worthy winners at the awards ceremony on June 18th.

What do women want when it comes to loyalty?

What do women want when it comes to loyalty?


Women are a really important audience for loyalty programmes. It is critical that loyalty marketers consider what they really want, when designing and managing programmes and rewards. No-one can pretend that there is one solution for all women; they do, after all, make up about half the population, but there are some broad principles that our research uncovered that can help loyalty marketers get it right for this powerful audience.


It matters because women are the primary spenders in most UK households. Their power over household spend and ability to contribute to household income has grown exponentially over the years. 75% of women identify themselves as the primary shopper in the household and they are accountable for 85% of all consumer purchases. They are also rapidly increasing their spending power, with women holding more bachelor’s degrees or higher than men, and 35% of wives now earning more than their husbands, compared to just 25% in 1990 (Time).

They are also the majority of loyalty programme members in the UK. Our white paper, in partnership with YouGov “What the British think of loyalty,” uncovered that 85% of women are part of a loyalty programme compared to just 70% of men. But there are big differences in gender split by sector:

  • The biggest programmes in the UK (supermarkets and beauty) are dominated by women. 74% of women are members of supermarket programmes, vs only 57% of men. The difference is even bigger in beauty, with a 40ppt differential.
  • However, in other sectors, such as banking, fuel, cinemas, and airlines, men are currently the majority audience.

And they are heavily influenced by loyalty programmes.

So, how can our research help loyalty marketers get it right – engaging women better and attracting more of them? There are four big principles we have found that women want, when it comes to loyalty:


  1. Offer them a loyalty or engagement programme

It sounds obvious, but women are big fans of loyalty programmes; 77% think programmes are a great way for brands to reward their loyal customers and 61% actually think all brands should offer programmes. So, if you aren’t rewarding and recognising your customers, you should be.

  1. Help them aim for higher value rewards

Our research identified three main types of redeeming behaviour in the UK – those who save up for high value rewards, those who regularly redeem mid value rewards and those who quickly claim low value rewards. Women are in the first group; they are collectors – 41% like to collect their rewards or points to get a higher value reward. Only 14% redeem the points at the earliest opportunity on low value rewards. Loyalty Programmes need to ensure they are including higher value rewards to aim for.

  1. Make information about the rewards readily available

Women also want information about the rewards on offer, so they can make informed choices about what they want. 69% like to get advice before buying new things and the internet is their main source of information (69%). It’s important that programmes offer reward information online, so that women can do their research before selecting the rewards they want.

  1. Offer real value

Whilst they like to save up for higher value rewards, women are very savvy reward consumers. 74% always utilise available deals, promotions and rewards when shopping (compared to only 64% of men). And the main reason women join programmes is value – with 72% subscribing for access to online and instore deals, discounts and offers (vs only 54% of men). They are also big fans of partner rewards – 36% want programmes to offer compelling rewards and offers from partner brands. Those can be an easy way for programmes to offer real added value to their members are lower or even zero cost to the bottom line,

Loyalty programmes we think are getting it right: 3 case studies to inspire you.


  1. TK Maxx’s Treasure

TK Maxx’s Treasure loyalty programme is a great example of a programme getting it right. Treasure is a brilliant brand-aligned programme, open to all and easy to join. Every month they offer their members the chance to win high value prizes, all designed to excite and inspire. As well as unexpected giveaways, gifts and access to brilliant in-store VIP experiences. There is loads of information available online and instore and the rewards are great value to boot. Check it out at

  1. Paperchase: Treat Me

Paperchase’s loyalty programme is exciting because it’s all about treats; designed to delight those loyal customers with a paperchase “addiction”. Members get perks including vouchers (based on what they spend), treats on their birthday, payday perks and free greeting card treats. It’s a lovely, simple programme that really works. Check it out at:

  1. e.l.f. Beauty Squad

e.l.f’s beauty squad is an American loyalty programme, that cleverly uses points and tiering, more commonly seen in airline and hotels loyalty programmes, to engage its members. Members earn points for every purchase and there are three tiers depending on how many points you have in your account – from glow getters, to rising stars to the top tier A-Listers. Members unlock extra benefits as they move up the tiers – such as free beauty sets, or early access to the sales and the ability to earn points faster. A-Listers can even choose their own sales days, a highly sought after perk. Check it out at:


Women are a really important and impactful audience for loyalty programmes, and it’s critical that any programme ensures it attracts, appeals to engages a female audience. There is, of course, no one size fits all solution, but there are broad principles that can help brands delight their female members. Women want brands to offer loyalty programmes programmes, the chance to earn higher value rewards, great information so they can make informed choices and real value that matters.

Winners at the Women in Marketing Awards

Winners at the Women in Marketing Awards


We are extraordinarily proud to announce that our CEO Becky Munday won the “Special Award for Outstanding Contribution to Marketing” award last night at the WIM. Given to a female who has contributed significantly to marketing in recent years. We also hugely proud of our very own Charlie Hills (MD and Head of Strategy at Mando-Connect)  who was shortlisted for the innovative changemaker award.


Becky said “It is with enormous thanks and tremendous gratitude to accept the reward and to be part of such an inspiring community”. Women in Marketing (WIM) is established to educate, inspire, connect, recognise and empower women through the cycle of their lives – congratulations to all the winners.

As first female Chairperson of the IPM for 50 years’ and with 21 years’ promotional marketing experience, Becky has earned a stellar reputation as one of the most inspiring leaders in promotional marketing. Regularly empowering people to create Mando’s truly compelling growth story whilst working with the world’s largest brands to run promotions, incentives and partnerships born from science.


Championing Data:

Ever the innovator, Becky has continued to invest in data to grow WPP’s longest standing company’s whilst using her countless passion and drive to propel the promotional marketing industry.

Whilst Becky’s roots are traditionally within promotional risk management and delivering promotions within a fixed budget. Becky has helped transform Mando’s thinking by utilising 40 years of past promotional data, YouGov insight and WPP resources to help deliver a unique solution to help brands them unlock insights that matter.

Charlie’s achievements also cap off what has been an amazing year for Mando-Connect. Charlie has gained kudos for her innovative approach to partnerships through developing the unique data-led Partnerships Engine, the powerhouse that drives the development of all Mando-Connect’s partnerships. Also, gaining further recognition for the intellectual property partnership with YouGov to publish the first white paper of its kind: The UK’s biggest ever study into what Brits want from Loyalty: A study so powerful that it was covered in every marketing publication.


We would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate all winners and thank all our clients across Mando. We look forward to some amazing campaigns in 2019.