Our research with YouGov on what the Brits think of loyalty

Presented at The Loyalty Surgery at The Tower of London.

We were incredibly proud of our MD Charlie Hills who shared the highlights from our white paper with YouGov today at The Loyalty Surgery Conference, hosted by Annich McIntosh at the incredible venue of The Tower of London.

Charlie shared the 7 key highlights that we think every loyalty marketer should know:


  1. Brits want loyalty programmes.77% of adults are members of at least one programme, 59% actually think every brand should offer a programme.
  2. Loyalty programmes have a very positive impact on the brands that offer them. 48% of people who are members of programmes say they make them more loyal, 47% spend more, 38% recommend more and 28% feel more emotionally connected. In the words of Tim Mason, the emotional impact level of loyalty programmes on brands is “amazing.”
  3. There are significant variations in membership by age and gender– for example 85% of women are members vs only 70% of men.
  4. Only 64% of 18-24 year olds are programme members and they are motivated by very different types of rewards.
  5. Those over 55 are the most engaged in loyalty programmes, but actually the least loyal.
  6. People want partner rewards more than a brand’s own rewards from programmes.
  7. Most UK adults think they are collectors – who want to save up for higher value rewards.

To see the full speech and find out more about the white paper do get in touch at:

And thank you very much to our amazing partners YouGov, and to the wonderful Loyalty Magazine, for being so supportive of the white paper and our research.

    Mark Lewis
    Head of Data Science