Which is the Most Effective Element of a Loyalty Programme?

Which is the most important element of a loyalty programme?
The reward or how you get it?

The answer is clearly that every element is important; get one bit wrong and your whole programme can misfire. But it was really interesting to see how many different answers there were to that question at the Loyalty Awards this week. We saw some absolutely stunning programmes across a lot of categories. But I was surprised how few focused on the rewards actually given to customers. Which is odd…

At Mando-Connect we are rewards obsessed. We know that, if you get the rewards right, the effectiveness of your programme can skyrocket. Research and analytics has showed us that customers who redeem rewards are significantly more likely to spend more, engage more and recommend more. If you give them something they really love the effect multiplies. “The benefits I get” is also nearly always top of the list for things that are most important to members and prospects.

We specialise in creating the best, the most brilliant rewards, supplied by the most desirable and relevant brand partners. And we fuel it all with robust customer, rewards and partnerships data. We know which rewards work for which type of customer, how to tweak your mechanic to get more than 20% uplifts in redemption and which partners want to work with brands like yours.

We are brand new, we are excited to offer an obsessive focus on getting rewards right and we are super keen to work with loyalty programmes to turbo charge their rewards’ offer. Please get in touch if you are keen to find out how partner rewards could add value to your loyalty programme.

And, as an extra, we are also hoping to get a new category in next year’s awards “Best use of Rewards”.
Let us help you win it!

    Charlie Hills
    MD & Head of Strategy