What we do

We are a smart brand partnerships and rewards agency, devoted to producing brilliant data-fuelled partnerships that drive results across the UK, Europe and the globe.

We don’t just create partnerships and rewards because we think they will work, we create them because we know they will. We design brilliant partnerships and rewards based on the smart use of cutting-edge data and insight, using our specially built Partnership Engine™.

We believe that, by working together, brands can achieve more for less, against any marketing or business objective.

Explore how we work across all types of partnerships but specialise in partnerships for reach and acquisition, for loyalty and engagement, for promotions and for innovation.

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Our Approach

Our approach is uniquely fuelled by data. Our custom-built Partnership Engine™ enables us to create and deliver partnerships and rewards which are robust, evocative and, most of all, effective. Our process is easy, inspiring and proven. We make partnerships simple. Delivering high returns for you and your brand.

The Partnership Engine™ uses 3 data sets to create brilliant partnerships

Our Work

Our Thinking and News

In our Engine Room, our experts talk agency news as well as examine, deliberate and evaluate the latest outputs of our innovative Partnership Engine™ to help your brand think and deliver.

Our Expert Team

Backed by WPP, and part of Mando, our experienced team work together to ignite brilliant partnerships across the globe and can help your brand harness our unique data and approach to co-create partnerships and rewards constructed to drive real results.

Mando-Connect are always growing their team – get in touch in our contact box below to find out more.

Charlie Hills
MD & Head of Strategy
Jo Ashdown
Head of Partnerships
Becky Munday
Emma Dallaway
Account Director
Isobel Finlayson
Account Director
Mark Lewis
Head of Data Science
James Davies
Senior Partnerships Manager
Katy Willcox
Project Manager
Oscar Finch
Senior Partnerships Account Manager
Jess Edwards
Account Executive
Lauryn Hallett
Design Executive
Leon Salter
Data Analyst

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Get in touch and find out how our Partnership Engine™ can help unlock your brand’s full potential.

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